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The Vision

Security and Safety

Circularity is a matter of national security and supply chain resilience.

Inventory shortages bring commerce to a stand still and long supply chains are becoming a liability.

With innovative recycling, open processes and global standards we will be able to offer tested electronic components and devices to limit exposure from offshore partners.

Object Oriented Development may not fully replace other electronics distributors but we aim to help replace components with higher tolerances.

Paid Recycling

Recycling is a labor intensive process. Pickup, sorting, processing and finding buyers. Our vision is one of paid recycling

Being a for profit business our success comes from our ability to innovate. Creating products that attract downstream buyers.

With improved efficiency circular businesses will join other natural resource buyers putting a price tag on our commitment to the environment.

Guilt Free Technology

Batteries fuels by inhumane labor conditions. Devices manufactured in sweatshops. Wealth disparities created by a growing digital divide.

Technology have connected the world, and exposed its own dark side.

Our founder, Kwesi Obika, doesn’t believe this dark side is a necessity of innovation but a byproduct of ignorance and laziness.

At Object Oriented Development we do the hard thing. Desoldering components, 3D printing parts and custom engineering isn’t easy. But it aligns with our values and or eco-tech mission

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