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Scheduled Pickup


With our Electronic Pickup solution we provide data destruction protecting your personal data. We also don’t discriminate electronics based on aftermarket value our goal is truly to help clear your space of E waste.

Reverse Logistics


If you are outside of our service area we can direct you to a nearby E-cylcer or send your packaging for smaller items to ship to our facility.

IT Inventory Report


We can come by your facility to inventory your IT assets and generate a report of the asset value, warranty status and apply security tags for improved visibility.

Subscription Services

Multisite Pickup

$825/year | $75/month

If your business has multiple locations you can work with a single vender to have consistent reporting and security compliance.

IT SYsTem AuDIting

$1650/year | $150/month

Instead of hiring a full time inventory manager work with us to stay on top of your ever evolving systems. With NFC tagging we make it easy to track device history, system warranties and device ownership.

IT Inventory PorTal

$2750/year | $250/month

You have a dedicated inventory management system for tracking IT resources and persistent visibility of offboarded inventory. Live estimate of asset value based on market data.

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