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The Founder

Hi I’m Kwesi Obika, the Founder of Object Oriented Development

From Code to The Road

Why did I go from writing code for websites to driving to audit and collect old electronics.

Because I love technology. But the thought that the best we can do with old electronics is shred them, melt them or throw them in a vat of acid is insane.

While a five year old processor won’t meet the computing needs of a modern business, it can power an IOT calendar or dishwasher.

I believe electronics recycling is mature enough support this level of resource harvesting and reengineering.

I’m Not Alone

While my focus on used & end of life electronics is new there are others focused on Open Hardware some even in our backyard like Sparkfun and System76.

Instead of throwing out the baby with the bath water I am looking into how can we reuse these old components in new ways. How can we let the processors take the “scenic route” before heading to the furnace.

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