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Driven by How

  • How does this chip work?
  • How many can we get?
  • How can we make it do X?


Because we know our why. To create guilt free technology driven by our values of honesty, creativity, responsibility, curiosity and empowerment.

The Brand

Straight Forward

We keep things simple and straightforward. For example we charge more than the other guys because we aim to do more and R&D has risk that we must include in calculating our margin.


We want to do the hard thing so you don’t have to. We will share our journey and any challenges that we face. We’re able to tear down electronics because of the information shared by our peers so it’s only right we do the same.

Take Ownership

We are responsible for your devices once they enter our custody. This mean we track, securely wipe all personally identifiable information and report its downstream use. Be it sent to secondary processor, refurbished for resell or torn down for reengineering.

For _OOD

We want to do good work. So we’re as proud of the work we do today as we are of the work we do on our 50th anniversary.

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