Values at our Core


We believe in transparency. Honesty is being upfront about our capabilities, how we downstream, our for profit nature and overall openness.


E-waste is a global problem that needs creative solutions. Simply recycling electronics isn’t enough on our path to circularity. Our vision of value added byproducts makes sure there is place for aftermarket electronics.


With our passion for electronics and tech innovation it’s our responsibility to make sure the tech industry is combating e-waste.


We want to get to the root of a problem. By staying curious we find creative solutions. We always start with why but we also always end with how. How can we collect and convert more electronics to value added byproducts.


Technology connects people. We want to make those connections meaningful and purpose driven. Fighting the digital divide, electronics sustainability, and improving circularity we want to create guilt free tech.

By using our core values in every decision we make, we remain consistent in how we show up for our communities, clients, and the environment.

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